About Our Map

The EveryDistrict Nationwide State Competitiveness Map is the only place on the internet where you can find a competitiveness score for every state legislative district. Started in 2017, EveryDistrict has refined our data cycle after cycle to make our Legislative District Index (LDI) the gold standard for understanding the competitiveness of state legislative districts.

The EveryDistrict team is closely tracking redistricting; new scores will be released once new district lines are drawn. Click through the map to see competitiveness scores and results from previous legislative elections.

To get the most out of the map, click on a district to learn more!

What is EveryDistrict’s approach to evaluating districts?

We evaluate the results of statewide elections in every state legislative district to determine a Legislative District Index (LDI) score. This score represents the average vote in a representative statewide race within that district. We pull out any big blowouts that might skew the results. A score of 100 means that statewide Democrats average 100% of the vote and a -100 means that Republicans average 100% of the vote. For a more realistic example, a district with a score of -2 votes for Republicans in statewide elections by about a 2% margin on average.

What do the colors mean?

Blue – This seat is held by a Democrat.

Red – This seat is held by a Republican.

Yellow – This seat is held by an Independent and/or Third Party. In a multi-member district, it represents split control between parties.

I think that district result is wrong.

Send us a note at info@everydistrict.us and we’ll correct it. We’re trying to track 7,383 state legislators, so it’s quite possible we made a mistake!

Will you update your scores with 2020 information?

Yes. The EveryDistrict team is closely tracking redistricting; new scores incorporating the latest data will be released once new district lines are drawn.

This is cool. What do I do now?

We raise money to support candidates in districts we’ve identified as likely Democratic pick up opportunities. You can donate to support our efforts.

What comes next?

We need you to become a fundraising champion to support state legislative candidates in winnable districts across the country. We’re actively fundraising for candidates on the ballot in 2021 and 2022, and we need your help!

Becoming a fundraising champion is not about being a big donor. It’s about donating at a level you’re comfortable with and then organizing your friends to do the same. You can learn more, and sign up to become a fundraising champion, here.