Become a Fundraising Champion

At EveryDistrict, we believe Democrats can and should compete across the country. That’s why we built the first nationwide map of every state legislative district in the country, so that you can find competitive seats in your community, and donate to support those campaigns.

But we want to go farther to help you help Democrats across the country. We believe that, to win at the local level, Democrats need the dollars that will allow them to compete against the GOP Big Money that took over our states in the first place.

We need you to become a fundraising champion to support the candidates across the country that we have endorsed. These candidates will take back their state legislatures and bring progressive policymaking to their capitals.

Becoming a fundraising champion is not about being a big donor. It’s about donating at a level you’re comfortable with – and then organizing your friends to do the same. Think, if you could give $100 to help a candidate who will invest in education, affordable healthcare, and rebuilding local infrastructure, do you think you could find 10-20 of your friends to do the same?

Now, all of a sudden, you’ve become a bundler raising $1,000-$2,000 or more, which is a lot for these state legislative candidates. And if all ten of your friends were inspired to the same, and some of their friends were also motivated, you’ve just made a sizeable investment in a state legislative campaign.

That’s how we beat big money. With your help. And we help you along the way. Fundraising champions receive support from our professional team to raise money over a 6-8 week sprint. Every step of the way, we provide advice, guidance, and the tools you need to succeed.

Sign up today to help us help Democratic state legislative candidates in the most competitive districts across the country.