100 days to go: The state of the states

With 100 days to go until Election Day 2020, where do the key races stand in the places that will decide control of state legislative chambers? Here’s our state-by-state breakdown.

Want to make your biggest, broadest impact? Donate to these 20 candidates we’ve endorsed across these chambers who are currently being outraised by their opponent. Want to learn more about a particular state? Click the state below.

Arizona Goal: Flip both chambers of the legislature

Seats Needed in Senate: 3

Seats Needed in House: 2

While the seats Democrats need are generally GOP-leaning, this is a top Democratic pickup opportunity with the right resources. Mark Kelly and Joe Biden’s strong polling in the state further bolsters the opportunity to flip these seats. EveryDistrict has endorsed the three Senate candidates and two House candidates running in the top flip opportunities. Generally speaking, Democratic candidates have posted strong fundraising numbers, but still need help to reach the amount they need to raise this year to make these races competitive. 

Iowa Goal: Flip the House and tie the Senate

Seats Needed in Senate: 8

Seats Needed in House: 4

The Iowa House is probably one of the most winnable chambers for Democrats this year, if the presidential and U.S. Senate races can remain competitive (recent polling has shown the Senate race to be particularly competitive). EveryDistrict has endorsed five candidates. The Senate is unlikely to flip this year with only half the races up, but Democrats have a strong opportunity to flip a large number of districts. EveryDistrict has endorsed seven Iowa Senate candidates; flipping all of those districts would tie the chamber. Many of our Iowa endorsees are outraising their opponents, but they all need additional funding to run fully-funded campaigns.

Michigan Goal: Flip the House

Seats Needed in House: 4

If Democrats maintain their current advantage in the state, they are well-poised to take over this chamber. EveryDistrict has currently endorsed three Michigan House candidates; more endorsements will be announced after the August primary.

North Carolina Goal: Flip both chambers of the legislature

Seats Needed in Senate: 5

Seats Needed in House: 6

Flipping both chambers of the legislature would make North Carolina a Democratic trifecta state, since Democrats already control the governorship. Democrats have a strong set of candidates to make both chambers competitive, as reflected in their strong fundraising numbers. Governor Cooper’s strong polling and the close polling in the U.S. Senate race show that with the right resources, this can be a competitive pickup opportunity for Democrats.

Pennsylvania Goal: Flip both chambers of the legislature

Seats Needed in Senate: 4

Seats Needed in House: 9

The race for both chambers is quite competitive, and Pennsylvania is already seeing large influxes of Republican money to defend the GOP majorities. Since Democrats currently control the governorship and lieutenant governorship, flipping these districts would make Pennsylvania a Democratic trifecta state. Further scaring Republicans in the Keystone state are Biden’s strong polling numbers, and while a strong Biden performance in the state will help, Pennsylvania legislative candidates need to run their own, competitive campaigns to flip these key districts. EveryDistrict has endorsed four Senate candidates and ten House candidates. House candidates have been keeping pace with fundraising; Senate candidates face a larger gap because of competitive primaries in all four of our target districts.

Texas: Flip the House

Seats Needed in House: 9

There is no shortage of attention in Texas, and if the presidential race is really as close as the polling says, Democrats are in contention to snag a majority for the first time in a long while. It is still an uphill battle in a changing landscape. EveryDistrict has endorsed ten candidates, and while state legislative fundraising in Texas has been strong this year, all of our candidates are facing GOP opponents with deep connections to Texas GOP money.

Wisconsin: Flip the House

Seats Needed in House: 14

While Democrats have only an outside chance to win the chamber, due to one of the worst gerrymanders in the country, major gains are quite possible. EveryDistrict has endorsed 12 candidates so far; more endorsements will be announced after the August primary. Because of the late filing deadline, many of our candidates didn’t launch their campaigns until the spring, so fundraising totals are lower than some other states. That being said, our candidates have raised strong amounts given their new candidacies.