Listening to local leaders

To the EveryDistrict Community:

This is a difficult time for our country. George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor should be alive right now. And yet this moment that we find ourselves in is all too familiar.

Amidst the challenges that we face, we are encouraged by the work of local leaders at the state level to begin to reshape the conversation around policing and race. I invite you to hear the voice of one of those young leaders. In 2019, EveryDistrict was proud to support Joshua Cole when he flipped a State House district in Virginia from red to blue. Over the last few days, he has worked with local officials in the Fredericksburg area to protect young people protesting peacefully and to create dialogue in the community.

In a recent video, Delegate Cole offered a call to action for Virginia and the country. In this video he discusses how communities can work together to advance meaningful reform and how state and local governments have a central role to play in bringing about those reforms. I encourage you to listen to his recent video message here. We need more leaders like him, and supportive allies, elected in state legislatures across the country.

I believe it is incumbent on all of us to speak up, to acknowledge the unequal justice in our country, and to act. I cannot be silent at this difficult time in our nation’s history.

I also recognize that I need to listen and to learn.

As we continue on with our mission to make change in the states this year and beyond, we’ll be listening to more leaders like Delegate Cole as they chart a path forward. We also hope that you’ll reach out if you have thoughts about our work. You can contact the EveryDistrict team at to share your ideas.

Nicole Hobbs

Co-Founder and Executive Director, EveryDistrict