Our final ask in the final weekend

Two years ago we started this journey with an idea. Democrats faced an extreme deficit in the states (controlling only 29 state legislative chambers to Republicans’ 68). We thought that if someone could help Democratic activists understand the opportunities in the states and provide them with good information about how their time and money could be put to best use supporting candidates in flippable districts, we could make a big difference and rebuild power in the states.

Two years later, you all have helped turn this idea into a wild success. In 2017, we endorsed 13 Democratic challengers in Virginia and ten of them won on Election Night. In 2018, we endorsed 62 Democratic challengers in five states (Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania) and 27 of them won on Election Night in the most challenging purple districts. 

This year, we returned to Virginia to support the 10 incumbents who flipped districts in 2017. We also endorsed 18 challengers running to flip House and Senate districts from red to blue. We added a seventh target state, Mississippi, endorsing six Democratic challengers and one first time candidate running to hold a competitive Democratic seat. 

As we head into GOTV weekend, you have helped us raise nearly $300,000 this year to elect Democrats in the most critical races in Virginia and Mississippi. That’s absolutely incredible. In these final days before Election Day 2019 we have one final ask of you: sign up to make phone calls or knock on doors for our candidates and help them get out the vote this weekend.

In Virginia, Democrats have equalized Republicans in the money race for the first time in a decade. In Mississippi, Democrats have a shot at winning the Governor’s mansion and beating the GOP supermajority with the strongest candidates we’ve seen in recent history.

But nothing is guaranteed. Turnout will be critical in this off-off year election, and right now candidates need your help to reach out to voters to remind them how important it is to vote this year. If you live in Virginia or know people who live in Virginia, Outreach Circle has made it easy to contact your family and friends to remind them to vote. Whether or not you live in Virginia or know people who live in Virginia, Mobilize makes it easy for you to find volunteer opportunities. You can sign up to knock doors if you live in or near Virginia, or phone bank from home if you can’t travel to the state. 

Democrats’ historic 15-seat gain in Virginia in 2017 set the tone for 2018, where Democrats went on to flip the House, win back key governorships, and turn over 400 state legislative seats from red to blue. This year, what happens in Virginia and Mississippi will again set the tone for 2020, where we can vote Trump out of office, take the majority in the Senate, hold the House, and win back the states before the critical redistricting process.

Let’s leave no stone unturned and voter uncontacted. Reach out to your friends with Outreach Circle and sign up to volunteer with Mobilize. Let’s go win this on Tuesday.