Our Plan: How we’re adjusting in response to COVID-19 and how you can help

As the response to COVID-19 has escalated across the country, we wanted to provide more information on EveryDistrict’s digital-first approach and what will – and won’t – change about our work. Our mission to help elect caring and compassionate leaders across the country is more pivotal than ever. Here’s how we’re re-doubling our efforts to get resources to state legislative candidates who need it most.

First, our fundraising work will continue. Today, we’re excited to unveil the “EveryDistrict Top Ten” – our list of the ten candidates who need your support the most right now. We track key metrics about each of our endorsed candidates and their opponents, like how much each campaign has raised. Each week, we’ll update this list as we endorse new candidates and as conditions change on the ground in each of our target states.

Second, we recognize that today’s economy is not the economy of a few days ago, and not everyone has the capacity to make a financial contribution to state legislative candidates right now. Because of that, we’re going to bring you more regular updates about volunteer opportunities and ways to support our endorsed candidates with your time. Many of our campaigns are currently adjusting their work plans to transition to virtual volunteer opportunities. Our Mobilize feed will always have the latest updates on ways you can volunteer for our candidates.

Third, we’re changing our Fundraising Champion program to our Organizing Champion program and moving all of our event-based work online. While our event-based work had previously been focused on fundraising, we’re broadening our scope to include both fundraising and volunteering. Stay tuned for a series of public events starting in April where we’ll provide state-by-state briefings and opportunities to engage with our candidates to learn how you can support their campaigns.

If we’re going to flip state legislatures blue in 2020, we need all hands on deck. In addition to our public events, we’d love to work with you to host a private event for you and your friends so they can learn how to get involved to support state legislative candidates. We’ll provide the video conferencing software, and a member of the EveryDistrict team will join your call to introduce your friends to our work and talk about what your friends can do to help state legislative candidates. Sign up below and a member of our team will be in touch to work with you to organize your virtual event.

We recognize that in the coming days, weeks, and months, giving your dollars or your time to a state legislative candidate may not be a priority. This crisis has thrown into stark relief the things that are most important: the health and safety of our loved ones. If you have thoughts about what more we can be doing, send us an email at info@everydistrict.us.

What we want you to know is that we’ll continue to be here, bringing you regular updates on what’s happening in the states, introducing you to our new candidates, and keeping you informed on ways to get involved to support candidates running in districts we must flip this year to flip state legislatures blue. COVID-19 has only made it more urgent that we have leaders at all levels of our government that support issues like affordable health care for all, paid sick leave, and expanding the right to vote.

Stay safe and stay healthy. We’ll be back in touch soon.

Nicole Hobbs & Drew Morrison

Co-Founders, EveryDistrict