David Reid

Virginia House of Delegates District 32

2017 Race Update: David won 58.47% to 41.41%

When David Reid talks about the value of education, it’s clear it’s a personal issue for him. Reid, the Democrat running for House of Delegates District 32, is where he is today thanks to a quality public education and a country that was willing to help him afford higher education. Now, as a father of two daughters both currently enrolled in college, he’s experienced firsthand how difficult it is for families to cope with the rising cost of higher education in Virginia.

“I’m running because everyone should have an equal shot at the American dream, and a college education is a key part of that,” said David. “Students today are burdened with debt and unable to buy houses, cars, or start a business. In Richmond, I’ll make college affordability a priority.”

As a child, education was key for David in unlocking a better future. In 1972, David’s family moved from their four-room house in Rockbridge County, Virginia to the United Methodist Children’s Home in Richmond, Virginia. He lived at the Children’s Home for six years before moving to Oklahoma to live with a foster family. David went on to become the first in his family to graduate from college, which he was able to afford through Pell Grants, Guaranteed Student Loans, College Work Study, and academic scholarships.

After college, David joined the US Navy Reserve and served for 23 years as a Naval Intelligence Officer. He made two deployments to South Korea, one to Iceland, a field deployment with the US Army, and participated in a NATO exercise onboard the USS Mount Whitney. He was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal three times, and honorably retired in 2011 as Commander.

“I joined the Navy in 1988 because I believed that I owed something back to the country,” said David. “The Navy teaches you about service and supporting the common good. I now want to bring those values of service to the people to Loudoun County and Virginia.”

As a small business owner, David understands both the economic challenges and opportunities facing Loudoun County, the fastest growing county in the state. An important aspect of that growth strategy is transportation. David is committed to addressing gridlock and investing and improving transportation in Loudoun County to ensure Northern Virginia remains a desirable area for business.

David will fight to implement full-day kindergarten for all children in Loudoun County, which remains only one of three jurisdictions in Virginia without full-day kindergarten. At the other end of the education spectrum, David is committed to ending excessive student loan debt. Since 2009, in-state tuition and fees have increased by approximately 7% annually, making Virginia the state with the 6th highest in-state tuition rate.

In Richmond, David will be a voice for sensible efforts to reduce gun violence. He believes that law-abiding citizens have the right to bear arms, but supports common sense measures that would reduce preventable gun deaths such as universal background checks, mental health checks, and restrictions on convicted domestic abusers. David supports a woman’s right to choose and believes that everyone should be able to live, love, and worship as they desire. He supports protecting the environment and is committed to a clean-energy future that can help generate new, high-tech energy jobs for Virginians.

“Due to gerrymandered districts and reliance on special interest money, Republicans in Richmond have become disconnected from the values of their constituents. I’m running to ensure the values, concerns, hopes, and dreams of the people of Loudoun County are represented in Richmond,” said David.