Donte Tanner

Virginia House of Delegates District 40

2017 Race Update: Donte lost 49.74% to 50.10%

Donte’s story is one of service before self. He grew up in a family dedicated to public service; his dad served in the Navy, and both of his parents served in the police force. He now lives in Centreville with his wife, Dana, and his daughter, Evelyn.

“My parents’ dedication to serving their country and community inspired me to do the same,” said Donte. “As an Air Force Veteran and small business owner, I know service is a responsibility to work as hard as I can for everyone in the 40th District.”

Donte was accepted into the United States Air Force Academy in 1997. He rose through the ranks and became an Air Force Captain at the age of 25, where he served for four years, leading a team working on Space and Missile systems. After leaving the air force, Donte worked as a government contractor. He opened his own small business in 2015, a government consulting firm.

As an Air Force Veteran, and the son of a Navy Veteran, Donte is committed to being an advocate for Virginia’s veterans and their families. He’s been endorsed by two veteran organization: NewPolitics and VoteVets. While in the Air Force, Donte worked to make the military more efficient by delivering projects on time and under budget. He became a budget expert as a Captain in the Air Force, where he learned smart budget savings can preserve countless jobs. He’ll bring those lessons to Richmond to make sure Virginians’ tax dollars are spent wisely.

Growing up in a military family, Donte always had access to high quality, affordable health care. In Richmond, he’ll fight to ensure every family in Virginia has the same. Donte is proud to live in a state that’s been a leader in the fight against climate change, especially as the Trump Administration continues to deny climate science. Donte will fight to grow Virginia’s green economy and keep Virginia’s air and water clean.

Fairfax and Prince William Counties are home to some of the best public schools in Virginia. Donte will work to ensure that public schools are well funded, with low class sizes. Donte supports investing in teachers so Fairfax and Prince William Counties can attract and retain the best educators in the Commonwealth.

Virginia is one of the worst gerrymandered states in the country. Donte supports independent redistricting reform to ensure districts are drawn to promote problem solving and bipartisan solutions. Donte also supports campaign finance reform and restricting spending of campaign funds on expenses not related to campaigning. “We need new leadership in the 40th District. We can do more to strengthen our schools, support small business owners, and solve our traffic problems. I’m running because I want to continue serving my community, and I will hold Richmond accountable to the people, not the special interests,” said Donte.