Kelly Fowler

Virginia House of Delegates District 21

2017 Race Update: Kelly won 52.46% to 47.31%

January 20, 2009 was a pretty good day for Kelly Fowler. Her daughter was born, and Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States. January 20, 2017, however, wasn’t as great of a day for Kelly and her daughter; they had been big Hillary fans and were crushed by Trump’s victory.

Like many women upset and frustrated by Trump’s election, Kelly and her daughter went to the Women’s March on January 21, 2017. She became active in local government, and when she could not reach her representative, she knew she had a responsibility to run for office.

“Trump’s election was devastating, but it made me realize that I couldn’t be complacent anymore,” said Kelly. “The Women’s March was such a success because everyone who went understood that they need to step up and speak out. I realized that if I wanted to see change in my community, I had to do the same thing.”

Kelly is running for District 21 in the Virginia House of Delegates. She and her husband are Virginia Beach locals. They both come from military families and were raised in the 21st District, and they are now raising their two daughters there as well. Kelly is a former Virginia Beach public school teacher who is now a small business owner. Her husband is a deputy with the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Department.

“As a former Virginia Beach public school teacher and parent of children attending Virginia Beach Public Schools, I am committed to fighting for a quality public education system. That system starts with early childhood education and is wholistic in the approach to support, not only the school, but the community.”

While still teaching, Kelly started a successful home renovation business that gave her firsthand experience with the kinds of challenges small business owners face every day. She is now an Associate Broker and leads a team of women in real estate, specializing in military relocation.

Kelly and her husband are active members of the Virginia Beach community. Kelly is on the Board of Directors of her Homeowners Association, and her husband is Treasurer of the New Castle Elementary PTA, where their daughters attend school. “Democracy thrives when government is inclusive, responsive, transparent, and accountable to all its citizens. I’m running for Delegate to represent everyone in this district and because we deserve a Delegate who listens to our concerns,” said Kelly.