Lee Carter

Virginia House of Delegates District 50

2017 Race Update: Lee won 54.32% to 45.49%

Just after the GOP-controlled Congress voted to take away health care from 24 million Americans, EveryDistrict chatted with Democratic House of Delegates candidate Lee Carter. Lee supports Medicaid expansion in Virginia, which would give 400,000 Virginians health care, including 3,100 Virginians in the 50th District.

“We need every Virginian covered, and we need to make the coverage affordable,” said Lee. “Expanding Medicaid is the obvious first step, but we need to ensure that whatever happens at the Federal level, Virginians can access high quality affordable health care.”

Lee is an IT specialist who lives in the City of Manassas with his wife and his daughter. He was raised in a military family and moved to Virginia after completing five years of service in the United States Marine Corps. His family has served in all five branches of the United States military; his father served in the United States Navy and the United States Coast Guard. Lee’s service included working in technological repair in a Special Operations-capable support unit, where he completed tours in the Middle East and the Mediterranean, and assisting in Haiti as one of the first to respond after the devastating earthquake in 2010.

“Throughout my time in the Marines, repairing oncology machines for hospitals, organizing for worker’s rights and affordable housing in my community, and now running for office, I have been driven by the belief that service comes first,” said Lee. “I think that a lot of people in Richmond have lost sight of that, and I think it’s time that we get representation that has faith in the power of serving others.”

Lee is committed to protecting Virginia’s workers – including in times of crisis. He was in part motivated to run for office after being injured on the job and not receiving the support he needed from the Commonwealth’s worker compensation program. He is committed to being an advocate for workers to ensure that the Commonwealth prioritizes workers over corporations.

The 50th District is one of the many areas in northern Virginia with serious traffic congestion, and as an advocate for workers and families, Lee is dedicated to finding solutions to ease that congestion. Lee will push for mass transit solutions to help get people off the road, and is in favor of expanding services and access to the Virginia Railway Express (VRE) in Northern Virginia, among other options.

Lee is also an advocate for campaign finance reform and limiting corporate influence in Virginia politics; an unapologetic supporter of a woman’s right to choose and a proponent for pay-equity, workplace rights, and increased protection from domestic violence and sexual assault; and in favor of criminal justice reform that puts fewer people behind bars for nonviolent crimes, focuses on rehabilitation over incarceration, and is less harmful to minority communities.

“My campaign is staying focused on kitchen table issues. Workers in our state worry about how they’re going to stay healthy, put food on the table, keep a roof over their heads, send their kids to school, and retire with dignity. I understand firsthand the challenges facing families today, and I’ll be a fighter for working Virginians,” said Lee.