Felicia French

Arizona State House District 6

2018 Race Update: Felicia lost with 25.59%

Colonel (Ret) Felicia French is a third generation Arizonian, who lives in rural Arizona. She has a proven commitment to public service, and family well being which she has shown by taking on the roles of a combat veteran, MedEvac helicopter pilot, registered nurse, an educator, and a single mother with over 32 years of leadership experience.

Felicia has her B.S. in Nursing, her M.S. in Management, and an M.S. in Sustainable Solutions. During her military career, she also received training in Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques and in mediation-making her a strong bipartisan candidate.

Her leadership skills were formed through her many experiences by working her way up the ranks from a Private to a Colonel in her 32 years serving in the United States Army, as a combat helicopter pilot and medic, to a nurse manager and senior medical advisor, and through mentoring at-risk youth to becoming an educator at Mesa Community College.

Felicia is known to be accomplished in leading organizations during multiple deployments, including a combat tour in Afghanistan, and humanitarian missions in Honduras and the Dominican Republic.

Her capacity and dedication to public service is also reflected in her volunteer work.

She was recognized in her community as “Volunteer of the Year” in 2016 for her role in the Take Pride Pine & Strawberry Project. She also supports her community by volunteering with the local Civil Air Patrol, Tonto Rim Search and Rescue, Community Emergency Response Team, and the Sierra Club.

Felicia is knowledgeable and experienced in matters of the military, health care, and education, which helped create her political platform. She is a strong advocate for veteran’s affairs, affordable accessible quality health care for all, improving Arizona’s education system starting with early-childhood, and creating more sustainable jobs.

She is currently case managing as a hospice nurse in rural Arizona. When she has time to spare, she enjoys hiking, reading, and staying up to date on current events.