Javier Estevez

Florida State House District 105

2018 Race Update: Javier lost 49.56% to 50.44%

Javier Estevez is a Millennial Democrat who was born, raised, and educated in Miami, Florida. Both of his parents immigrated to Miami from Cuba. They worked hard to build a bright future for themselves and their children. His parents instilled in him the pride and privilege that he feels in being able to call himself an American Citizen. They knew how hard it was to lose those rights and be forced to leave their home country and to arrive in a brand new place where they had nothing and didn’t speak the language.

Javier has always stood for what is right and best for our city, state and country. That’s why he’s running. In the legislature, he will focus on middle-class families and the children of our state.

He believes Florida’s economy needs to not only protect but elevate working and middle class families. He believes Florida needs to build an education system that ensures public schools have increased funding in order to give children the best education possible and to give teachers the resources and pay they deserve. He believes Florida needs to build a healthcare system that is not only accessible but affordable, and a healthcare system that finally focuses on preventative care. No one in Florida should die because they can’t afford healthcare.