Jennifer Webb

Florida State House District 69

2018 Race Update: Jennifer won 52.71% to 47.29%

Jennifer Webb is a proven problem solver and committed community leader who comes from a long line of dedicated public servants, health care professionals, small business owners, teachers, and principals. Her family taught her the importance of hard work and the value of giving back.

Growing up, Jennifer met tragedy and hardships with a grace and perseverance she learned early on. A week before her second birthday, her father died when his motorcycle was hit by a truck after coming home from the third shift. With the help of an expansive family and a constellation of Catholic nuns and teachers, Jennifer’s mother raised her and her brother while fighting to retain minimum-wage, entry-level secretarial jobs to provide for her children. Although her mother is intelligent and hardworking, Jennifer’s family was vulnerable until her mother was remarried. Jennifer was raised by her community and now strives each and every day to give back to her community.

Jennifer gives back by tackling some of the most pressing problems for families in Pinellas County. She attracted employers to lower income communities and helped employees acquire the skills they needed to do these jobs. She also developed training programs that would lead to higher skill and higher paid jobs.

After earning her Masters from the University of South Florida, Jennifer taught faculty members how to conduct research with the community and how to teach hands-on classes that help Bay area residents. As the Director of Community Partnerships, Jennifer built projects that bring together business, the university, non-profits, and residents to create stronger communities. Through these projects, she worked to reduce violence and increase employment, to eliminate hunger, to bring justice to victims of crime and abuse of power, to assist student veterans and military members, and to support high quality public schools and the children who attend them.

Jennifer is now a small business owner in the private sector. She is currently focused on finding solutions to transportation/traffic, affordable housing, and community health.