Joe Helle

Ohio State House District 89

2018 Race Update: Joe lost 35.04% to 64.96%

Joe is a U.S. Army Veteran, having served as an Airborne Infantry Sergeant from 2004 until 2011. Joe deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom during the Surge between 2006 and 2007, and again in Afghanistan in 2009 as a Section Sergeant. While in Afghanistan, Joe was responsible for a Personal Security Detachment (think Secret Service), which provided secure travel through the battlefield for the Battalion Commander and other VIP’s.

Joe is the father of two incredibly beautiful daughters, Autumn and Natalie. As a single father, Joe understands the challenges and rigors that other single parents face each day with balancing work, education, and childcare. Joe will make it a goal to work to see things like our tax code changed, which favors those married over those who are not, placing an unnecessary burden on those with children who are unmarried or widowed.

Joe was elected as the 31st Mayor of Oak Harbor in 2015 after defeating the incumbent. Joe identified a problem with the local government that many communities struggle with: communication. There was little communication with the residents of Oak Harbor, and he made it his goal if elected to change that. Since becoming Mayor, communication has increased drastically with the community, along with bringing legitimacy and respect back to the office.

Joe previously served with the Veteran Disaster Relief organization TEAM RUBICON, where he served for two years, eventually holding the position of Regional Membership Manager. Joe oversaw approximately 2,300 Veteran Volunteers across six states, facilitating their deployment to domestic disasters across the country.