Kelly Rossman-McKinney

Michigan State Senate District 24

2018 Race Update: Kelly lost 43.45% to 53.53%

Kelly Rossman-McKinney has been a small business owner and job creator since 1988, when she started her first business as a single mom sitting down at her kitchen table. As an emerging small business owner, she knew it was more important to pay her employees and suppliers first, even if it meant taking nothing for herself. She has built success on her “people before profits” attitude, strong work ethic, and a tenacious commitment to problem-solving.

No one is better at tackling, understanding and explaining complex issues on a variety of subjects — from bipartisan energy reform to road funding and beyond – and she’s worked on the frontlines of issues like these for years. However, her greatest pride is being the mother of four and the wife of her Beloved Officer Dave. As a mom, she knows the power and value of quality education, affordable college, and training for the skills that employers need. She recognizes that the challenges we face can’t be solved with partisan rhetoric or headline-seeking politicians who are looking for their next job.