Matt Koleszar

Michigan State House District 20

2018 Race Update: Matt won 51.42% to 48.58%

Matt Koleszar was raised in Walled Lake, where he attended and graduated from Walled Lake Western High School (2000). From an early age, his teachers made an impression on him and he felt a pull into pursuing education.

Upon graduation, he attended Saginaw Valley State University where he pursued his passion and graduated with a Bachelors degree focused on Social Studies at the secondary level.

At this point in Michigan’s history, there were more new teachers graduating than there were open positions, so Matt obtained a directory of all public school districts and started applying for jobs beginning in the A’s. This strategy worked, and he was employed by the Airport Community School District in neighboring Monroe County by the first day of the following semester.

While working at Airport, he pursued his Masters Degree in English Studies at Eastern Michigan University. He also serves as the President of the Airport Education Association, Middle School Cross Country and Baseball coach, and Quiz Bowl coach.

From his 12 years in public education, he has watched the State Legislature pass bill after bill that harms the way schools are funded, that are degenerative in allowing local districts to negotiate classroom sizes and curriculum, and leave schools vulnerable at a time when they should be thriving. He has worked with parents that are frustrated with the changes, and watched students who once shared the dream of becoming a teacher change majors even before enrolling in college.

He is running for Michigan State Representative because it has become clear that the people in Lansing no longer represent the average, hard-working Michigander, their values, or their struggles and that it is time for everyday citizens to become the government they wish to represent them.

Matt is the son of a single mother who balanced raising him with a full time job as an Operating Room Nurse and an entrepreneurial father who works in automotive supply sales. Matt and his wife, Kim, live in Plymouth Township along with their rescue pets; two cats, Truman and Kennedy, and an English Bulldog named Roosevelt.