Russ Harris

Ohio State House District 23

2018 Race Update: Russ lost 44.54% to 55.46%

Russ Harris is a father, an educator, and a lifelong advocate for Ohio’s children, families, and teachers.

His life has been dedicated to improving the opportunities for young people to get a great education. At Syracuse University, he was a Ford Foundation Fellow in Economics, focusing on human resources and public finance.

His first job after college was as the Director of School Subsides for the state of Pennsylvania. There, he learned that we have to give our teachers the tools they need because they are our frontline in the classroom for our students.

In Ohio, he used his experience in school funding to work with state lawmakers on the Education Review Committee and the Ohio Blue Ribbon Commission on School Funding to address the inequities in the school system.

He is in the classroom to this day. He is the former director of Economic Education at Ashland University and currently teaches economics at Franklin University.