Sharon Sweda

Ohio State Senate District 13

2018 Race Update: Sharon lost 44.23% to 52.70%

Sharon Sweda, the daughter of a UAW 425 Auto worker and the oldest of four siblings, is running to be the next State Senator of Ohio’s 13th District. Sharon is a native of the district who was born and raised in Lorain, and chose to raise her own family there as well. She is now a proud mother and grandmother with a deep understanding of the community.

Sharon is also a successful small businesswoman, and has run her own real estate agency with her husband for the last 30 years. Her firm now has offices in four cities in the 13th District. Despite the difficulties faced by the real estate industry in the last two recessions, she never laid off an employee. Sharon has sat across from hundreds of families in times of both prosperity and strife, and deeply understands what keeps them up at night. Furthermore, she understands both rural and urban challenges, having raised Clydesdale horses in Huron Township for 14 of the last 17 years.

As the next State Senator, Sharon will use the experience she has gained from her many industry leadership positions, both at the county and state levels, along with her negotiating skills, to bring people together. She cares deeply about ensuring that citizens of Ohio have access to affordable healthcare and quality public education. Furthermore, she is determined to help find a solution to the opioid epidemic.