Taylor Sappington

Ohio House District 94

2018 Race Update: Taylor lost 42.43% to 57.57%

Taylor Sappington was born to parents Amy and Tom who both were strong members of AFSCME. He grew up with his younger brother Spencer. Coming to Nelsonville in 2002, they learned how to work hard, think for themselves, and to never give up. His mother walked into work one day and received what every workers dreads: the pink slip. The company was downsizing and the welfare of his family was thrown into deep uncertainty.

During elementary and middle school, he remembers feeling that the pressure was building. Late notices came in the mail, they stopped eating out, they didn’t shop. Eventually, the lifeline for any Appalachian family was taken: the car. He even remembers the electricity being shut off. Despite the rapid dip into hardship, his mom worked harder than any person he knows to keep their lives as normal as possible. She worked on her education, she came back one day crying because they were only offered a few bucks in SNAP benefits a month, and she made every single dollar that came into the family stretch ten times farther than before.

Taylor and his brother graduated high school, his mom graduated from Hocking College, and he walked across the stage at Ohio University. His mom now has her first home and Spencer proudly works in corrections for the State of Ohio.

While on Nelsonville City Council, Taylor wrote and passed the city’s first and only balanced budget requirement. It forces city councils to pass budgets that are responsible with the citizens’ money. Through hard work from the employees and city leadership, 2017 was the first year in a decade that the city’s bank account held steady instead of dropping further into crisis. During his time, they have also instituted their town’s first curbside recycling and turned around a struggling city pool to guarantee it many more years.