Wade Carlisle

Arizona State Senate District 6

2018 Race Update: Wade lost 49.10% to 50.90%

Wade Carlisle is a fourth generation Arizonan and a product of Arizona’s public education system. He is the father of two daughters and the proud husband of a great school teacher. He is a hard-working, middle-class American. He supports his family by working on the railroad, working cattle, as a substitute teacher, and running Holbrook’s hardware store for the past 10 years.

These experiences have taught him family values, the importance of hard work, and the devastating impact the underfunding of public schools has had on Arizona’s communities. That’s why he’s running for office.

He is currently the Vice Mayor of Holbrook and has been on Holbrook city council for 13 years. In his time as city councilor, he has seen what bad legislation can do to a city, and how to mend that legislation. He has continued to watch the Legislature let Arizona’s education and transportation go to the wayside.

Wade promises to look out for rural Arizona in the legislature.