Wendy Gooditis

Virginia House of Delegates District 10

2019 Race Update: Wendy won 52.31% to 47.62%

After the 2016 election, Delegate Wendy Gooditis had to get off the sidelines. She started organizing in her community and realized that her state representative would say one thing in public, but vote completely differently when he was down in Richmond. She went to every Indivisible and local Democratic meeting in the district trying to recruit someone to run against him, but the general consensus was that he was unbeatable. She finally decided that she would step up and run; six months later she beat him in one of the biggest upsets of 2017.

Now she’s up for re-election this year and the same guy she beat in 2017 is running against her again. Democrats have made huge strides in Richmond, from expanding Medicaid and raising teacher pay to investing in Virginia’s schools and infrastructure. But imagine what could be done if Democrats flip the state legislature. Democrats are only down one seat in the Virginia House of Delegates and she’s considered one of the most vulnerable incumbents – which means holding this seat is vital.

Delegate Gooditis is a mom, an educator, an activist, and when she’s not down in Richmond she helps expand workforce housing for teachers, first responders, and other workers in the community. She’s committed to the hardworking people of the 10th District and she’s counting on your support.

EveryDistrict endorsed Delegate Gooditis in 2017 and we’re proud to be supporting her re-election campaign in 2019.