Brian Munroe

Pennsylvania State House District 144

Brian Munroe became a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technician at age 17. Three years later he enlisted in the United States Navy and served aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt during the Bosnia-Herzegovia conflict. After his Navy service, Brian pursued a career in law enforcement, becoming a police officer in Radnor Township in 2001. He attained the rank of corporal, and, during his years of community policing, received commendations from Congressman Kurt Weldon and Mothers Against Drunk Driving. 

While on duty, Brian was involved in a severe car accident that ended his career after ten years of service. With the Navy and his law enforcement work behind him, Brian decided to serve his community by being elected to a seat on the Warminster Township Board of Supervisors. In that role, he focused on open space, green development, and aligning the structure, staffing, and training of the police department with the safety needs of the community. Following his time as a member of the Warminster Board of Supervisors, he was elected to serve as the Bucks County Clerk of Courts. In this position, Brian instituted the DRiP program helping victims of crime get the restitution that they deserve.