Cathy Spahr

Pennsylvania State House District 160

Cathy Spahr is a working mom of twins, Julien and Charlie. She has weathered the difficult terrain of working while ensuring her boys have the best start in life. From finding affordable daycare, navigating Medicaid and CHIP, to working through learning differences, Cathy knows the struggle working families have while still ensuring the best opportunities for their family’s future.

As a southeastern PA native, Cathy has strong Delaware County roots both as a resident and an employee for both local and County government. Both her professional experience as a Transportation Planner, and government experience provides Cathy with a unique understanding of how the intersection of federal, state, and local government impacts individuals and businesses in Pennsylvania. She knows that Delaware and Chester Counties need a State Representative that’s dedicated to ensuring investment in our communities.

Cathy leads with integrity. With over 24 years of sobriety, Cathy has adopted a world view that demands rigorous honesty and integrity, an unwavering moral compass, and steadfast commitment and dedication.