John Fitzgerald

Michigan State House District 83

John Fitzgerald is a lifelong Michigander, and his entire adult life has been spent in West Michigan. He was raised in a household which prioritized, above all else, public service and contributions to your community. His family has a long history of public service in elected office in Michigan, and it inspired his own ambition to be in service to his community and its members. 

After he graduated from Michigan State, John and his wife joined the West Michigan community in 2014 residing in Grand Rapids until they moved to Wyoming in 2019. He has served on numerous non-profit boards including Ele’s Place West Michigan, Ele’s Place Michigan, and the Clark Foundation. This was why he and his wife were first attracted to West Michigan: it is a community which prides itself on service, and cherishes community. 

John has spent his professional career in the insurance industry where he has been involved in claims, service, and sales functions. Specifically, he has spent most of this time in commercial property and liability insurance where he has gathered experience in negotiation, risk management and tolerance strategy, and commercial business practices and finance. He sees a number of parallels between risk management and the function of government, identifying the relationship between actions and policy development against potential positive or negative outcomes to reach the best possible solution. 

In 2020 he was elected to the Wyoming City Council as Member At-Large and still serves on this body today. While serving he has gained incredibly important skills and learned valuable lessons with regards to effective and responsive governance, the value of compromise, and strategic planning. When decisions need to be made, even tough ones, it is best to deliver them with honesty, integrity, collaboration, and direct communication. 

Now, he seeks to serve his community in Lansing as State Representative because this district and its people deserve leadership which will act in their best interest and deliver solutions to the issues they face each day. His skills and his experience provide him with the best footing to succeed in this role, effectively serve his constituents, and build a community in which everyone feels welcome and supported to live, work, socialize, and worship in.