Mandy Steele

Pennsylvania State House District 33

Mandy Steele is currently a member of the Fox Chapel Borough Council. She chairs the Comprehensive Planning Committee for her community. She has spent the last several years leading bipartisan actions across 20 SWPA communities to rid them of a toxic substance and make them healthier and safer.

Mandy led grassroots efforts to build green infrastructure systems to control stormwater, making her community safer from flooding. Through her efforts, Mandy’s community became an early adopter of a solar installation that will power municipal functions with clean energy while saving taxpayer’s money.

As a Councilperson, Mandy led a movement to eradicate racial slurs in place names in her community. She founded a thriving non-profit organization dedicated to green space and conservation.

She also runs an operation that supports West African girls in their education through goat breeding programs. She is an active member of her Democratic Committee. Mandy has served as a student mentor for Carnegie Mellon students pursuing Engineering.