Padma Kuppa

Michigan State Senate District 9

Padma Kuppa is an engineer, a mom, and a community leader who came to the political arena after decades of civic engagement. She is now serving her second term as a State Representative. 

While raising her young children, she realized that public education was under threat in Michigan and advocated at the local and state level against funding cuts. As a child, she attended American public schools for over a decade, before returning to India with her parents who had come to the US for higher education. After finishing high school and college in India, she returned home to the US for grad school as a foreign student, eventually making Michigan home — she came for the cars and stayed for the lakes! 

Deeply rooted in her Hindu faith, she co-founded an interfaith organization in 2005, and she now finds that her efforts to build relationships and promote pluralism in that arena serve her well in political office. She ran for office in 2018, leaving a career that spanned the automotive, finance, and IT sectors, with a rich range of experience in volunteerism from PTA to Planning Commission. She continues to serve on the boards of several non-profits, including the Troy Historical Society and the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion. 

As a legislator, her number one priority is to serve her constituents and promote policy that represents the needs and values of the district. She lives in Troy with her husband, an engineer working in the automotive industry; they have two adult children.