Tim Brennan

Pennsylvania State House District 29

Tim Brennan grew up waiting tables in his parents’ mom-and-pop restaurant. He is a first-generation college graduate and never expected to become an attorney or an elected official. That said, he spent the last 30 years building a record of fighting for equality, fairness, government reform, and working families as a councilperson, as an attorney, and as a volunteer. As a young person, he worked his first election in 1988 at eleven years old, in response to the Willie Horton advertisement, which exploited racial divisions; he believed in equality and that we deserved a higher standard of character from our elected officials. He looked up to his older sister and volunteered for the Women in Crisis Center she directed. He was selected for two Congressional internships.

In law school, he focused on legislation drafting and state constitutional law. He became certified in law and government. He fought for redistricting reform and drafted and lobbied for an amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution to stop partisan Gerrymandering. He also studied international law focusing on the European Convention on Human Rights and the return of the rule of law to Eastern Europe. He later served as President of the Pennsylvania Young Democrats, organizing young people statewide. 

In his law practice, he represents injured workers as one of only about two hundred Pennsylvania attorneys certified as specialists in workers’ compensation law.  For nearly two decades, he has represented municipal governments in the Commonwealth. He previously worked for the Pennsylvania Governor’s Office of General Counsel, representing the Department of Transportation. The PA Supreme Court-appointed him as a Senior Hearing Panel Member for the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. He also provides pro bono representation to the LGBTQ community, struggling homeowners, first responders, and historical groups. In 2020, when the eyes of the country were on Pennsylvania, he was helping to beat Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani in court, pushing back against their attacks on fact and our democracy. 

He has served as an educator, a professor in one of Pennsylvania’s exceptional community colleges, and an instructor on animal law and the right-to-know law for other attorneys. As a councilperson, he has fought for our shared values. After a hate group came to a local school another council member and Tim worked on a response that led to Doylestown’s first Pride event. He has voted to protect LGBT rights, for a more sustainable future, and to demand action on gun violence.