Amy Cox

Ohio State House District 43

2020 Race Update: Amy lost 45.80% to 54.20%

Amy Cox is a Preble County native who grew up west of Camden, Ohio. She is the mother of two sons, the wife of a Union Iron Worker Local 290, and has been a union public school teacher since 2004. 

As young lady, she attended the local public school, Preble Shawnee, where she was active in FFA, 4-H, student government, band, and various sports teams. She attended Miami University directly out of high school where she lived and worked as a mailroom and office supply clerk at the Oxford campus.

She transferred to Wright State University (WSU) for her sophomore year to study Biology. While at WSU, she lived and worked in the Dayton areas of Fairborn, Kettering, and Centerville.  As a WSU student, she earned her NAUI Advanced Diving Certification through WSU’s SCUBA program. WSU also gave her an opportunity to get involved in government funded research. She worked in the lab of Dr. Dan Krane, where she prepped the lab for graduate assistants who were isolating and sequencing DNA. She also worked in the lab of Dr. Wayne Carmichael, one of the world’s experts on toxic algae at the time. 

Since college, she’s worked in public schools as a high school science teacher and was active in her teachers’ unions, serving as an association and legislative representative.