Anton Andrew

Pennsylvania State House District 160

2020 Race Update: Anton lost 49.20% to 50.80%

Anton Andrew is the son of first generation working class immigrants who came to this country so their children could receive a great public education and pursue the American Dream. He and his sister had the opportunity to go to college thanks to federal Pell Grants, scholarships, subsidized student loans, and part-time jobs. Anton graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with an undergraduate degree in political science and continued on for a doctor of jurisprudence degree from Hofstra University Law School.   

Fighting injustice was not something Anton initially chose to do. It is something he had to do. Along the way, Anton had the good fortune of meeting many people who looked past his skin color and economic status and provided him an opportunity to succeed. At the same time, Anton was an eyewitness to the huge personal and societal costs to those who were not so fortunate and who were shut out of the American Dream. This disparity is at the heart of his life’s commitment to help others.

Anton has served as a public defender, advocating in public higher education, and building local non-profit organizations. He will continue to fight until every voice in his community is heard.