Beth Liston

Ohio State House District 21

2020 Race Update: Beth won 56.80% to 43.20%

Representative Beth Liston started her career in medicine and is now serving in the Ohio House, in addition to her roles as a practicing physician and professor. Dr. Liston grew up in her district and returned home after completing her education – first at the University of Notre Dame, then both her MD and PhD at The Ohio State University. She finished her training in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at Yale New Haven Hospital, returning home with her husband and their two children in 2006. 

Dr. Liston decided to run for office in 2016 and was elected to the Ohio House in 2018. A passionate advocate, Dr. Liston ran to bring her knowledge about health, education, and evidence-based decision making to the state government. “There are health impacts to all policy. This means health care, but it also means public education, economic security, a safe environment – every aspect of our lives,” states Dr. Liston. 

During her time in office, Dr. Liston has championed affordable medication, introducing a package of bills to help people get insulin and co-sponsoring legislation to address transparency in drug costs.  She is an advocate for policies that improve access to health care, mental health services, and treatment for opioid addiction. She is working to improve economic security for families, and to ensure opportunity for all through strong public schools and workforce development programs. Dr. Liston is passionate about bringing people of different backgrounds and experiences together in order to tackle complex problems for people in her state.