Christian Andrews

Iowa State House District 95

2020 Race Update: Christian lost 46.11% to 53.88%

Christian Andrews grew up in a home that knew great loss. Shortly after he was born, the youngest of seven children, his parents lost their first business and then their eldest son, Cushing, in a tragic car crash. Before his junior year of high school, his family moved to Cedar Falls, Iowa to get help from his oldest sister and her husband as his parents lost a second business and his mother’s health was failing. Just a year later, in 1990, he lost his mother to diabetes, graduated from high school, joined the Navy in the delayed entry program, and then lost his father to cancer. 

Over the next 28 years, Christian worked in a variety of jobs — mostly blue collar. He would chip and grind steel over three summers while attending university; he would become an over-the-road truck driver and household mover; an insurance agent; an apprentice tuck pointer; a carpenter; a stay-at-home dad; a small business owner; and he currently works full time as a union Operator 3 in the Public Works department for the City of Mount Vernon, Iowa.

In 2018, he ran for the same seat in this district and lost by just over 1,000 votes. Through that experience, he built strong fundraising connections, a big volunteer base, name recognition, and the dedicated support of an experienced team that can win the 2020 race.