Christine Marsh

Arizona State Senate District 28

Christine Marsh is a proud Phoenician and graduate of Arizona public schools. After attending UCLA on a track scholarship, she made the decision to move “home.”  This is where she raised her two sons and foster children and where she has taught high school English for 26 years. Her passion for her community runs deep.

Christine has dedicated her career to teaching and after 23 years in the classroom, she was honored to be named Arizona’s 2016 Teacher of the Year. Through that experience, she had the opportunity to travel the state to see first-hand the issues that public schools face.

While her experiences as a mother, teacher, and foster mother helped her make the decision to file for the State Senate, her primary motivation for running is her belief that we need more balance at the Capitol in order to find sensible solutions to the problems we face. For too long, Arizona has suffered under the burden of one-party rule. Under Republican leadership, Arizona’s most vulnerable populations have been placed at risk. Creating a more balanced Senate will allow good ideas from both sides of the aisle to have a fair hearing, with public input, and that will benefit all Arizonans.