Coral Evans

Arizona State House District 6

Coral Evans is the Mayor of Flagstaff and the Executive Director of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association. She grew up in Flagstaff with her twin brother and her mom. Her mom was a school teacher until injury forced her to go on disability. Growing up, Coral benefited from public programs and community support that sent her to summer camps and allowed her to play ice hockey. She got her first job at 13.

In 2008, Coral was working as a community organizer when the city council was debating selling the historic Dunbar Elementary school in Southside. Dunbar had been the segregated elementary school in Flagstaff until it desegregated two years before the Brown v. Board of Ed decision. The Southside community objected to the sale and expressed a desire to turn the school into a community center. Coral organized the community to save the historic building, but after months of lobbying, marching, and organizing, the city council still wasn’t listening.

It was at that point Coral asked a mentor, Joe, who the city council worked for because she was going to talk to their boss. The next day Joe brought her papers to run for office. That was 12 years ago, and she’s been serving the community and championing the people as an elected official ever since.