Donna Lake

North Carolina Senate District 7

2020 Race Update: Donna lost 45.75% to 55.25%

Retired Air Force Colonel Donna Lake has been on the front lines of health care as a combat veteran, intensive care and community health nurse, and healthcare CEO. Currently an East Carolina University professor, Donna Lake, Ph.D., is a first-generation college graduate and served 25 years in the US Air Force. Donna has firsthand experience in servant leadership, complex project management, effective communication, and is ready to work hard every day for the people of NC Senate District 7.

Having served in several combat zones, Donna is a tested leader who can maintain calm in a crisis and leads with steadiness. Donna makes precise, well thought out decisions by listening to all voices and considering all perspectives. Over a decade as a Clinical Professor with ECU College of Nursing, Graduate Programs, she has served Eastern NC by teaching 85 faculty and 450 students patient safety principles, leadership, and finance skills. Donna’s expertise has contributed to the awarding of $5M in grant funding impacting NC.

​Donna is equipped with decades of experience as a collaborative, problem-solving leader. As a previous USAF Medical CEO, she ensured the well-being of the base community (approximately 21,000 people) to include safe roads, clean water, food accessibility, disaster preparedness, affordable housing, and increased mental and dental health access. Donna also ensured that special needs children of military families had access to the right schools with the proper resources by recruiting special education professionals to the community. She facilitated communication between the military and local school board, which created ongoing dialogue and improvements within the school system.

​Before moving to Goldsboro to serve at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, Colonel Lake received two Bronze Stars while serving in some of the most dangerous conflicts around the globe. She knows tough times and has true grit to make things happen. In Goldsboro, Donna and her husband Bob, also a retired USAF pilot, have built their post military life and raised two children.