Finale Norton

Virginia House of Delegates District 100

Finale Norton will be the first woman to run for Virginia’s House of Delegates’ District 100, a district she was born and worked in for most of her professional life. She was raised in Exmore, a rural town on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. After high school, she attended Hampton University and received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Ecology, the first in her family to do so. She began her banking career at Bank of America in Norfolk Virginia. She would go on to lead more than 350 branches across Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia with more than 3,500 employees and several hundred thousand customers.

Early in her career, as a manager, she ran branches across Hampton Roads and was selected for the Leadership and Excellence in Neighborhood Development (LEND) award for work in the communities she served. Later, as the Contact Center Executive, with more than 3,000 employees from Maine to California, while conducting area visits, she and her team continued community service efforts by participating in projects throughout her markets.

Finale’s priorities were always centered on doing the right thing for her employees and her customers. After leaving Bank of America in 2015, Finale went on to work for Accenture, a global consulting company. After one and a-half years at Accenture, she decided to leave corporate America to pursue her own interests. Like many, the 2016 election deeply affected Finale. Luckily in 2019 a chance meeting with a local political supporter propelled her and her husband to work with the local Democratic Party. They sent post cards, placed door hangers, participated in voter registration drives, delivered signs, and completed virtually any task asked. She simply could not sit idle. It was time to put her years of experience in financial services, leadership, and consulting to work. It would not be a stretch to move from employees and customers to neighbors and constituents.

Her priorities are better paying jobs, infrastructure that closes the digital divide while creating opportunity for education and increased employment, healthcare advocacy for our seniors, continued work on the environment, and finally, a more aggressive plan for our government and corporate partners to support our rural communities and neighborhoods in more innovative and creative ways. With these priorities executed, Finale believes we can all rise together.