George Scott

Pennsylvania State Senate District 15

2020 Race Update: George lost 48.40% to 51.60%

George Scott was raised on a family farm in South Central Pennsylvania. After graduating from Georgetown University, George entered the U.S. Army and served our nation on active duty for 20 years at home and abroad in both peacetime and war. His service record includes time in South Korea along the demilitarized zone, the U.S. Virgin Islands as part of a disaster relief force following Hurricane Hugo, Panama during Operation Just Cause, and the Persian Gulf for Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm. After commanding a battalion that consisted of over 1,800 soldiers, George retired from the Army as a lieutenant colonel and continued his career of public service with the Central Intelligence Agency as a staff operations officer.

In 2009, George returned home to South Central Pennsylvania and responded to a different calling: one of faith. He attended seminary and began serving as a pastor in his local community. George lives in Harrisburg with his wife Donna, who is a small business owner, and has two college-aged children. Today, George continues to pursue his lifelong call to serve—this time as an elected representative of the people—because he understands that Pennsylvania’s 15th Senate District deserves a senator who will speak for everyone.