Jim Ward

Kansas State Senate District 28

2020 Race Update: Jim lost 46.29% to 53.71%

From his time as a prosecutor, school board member, and city councilman in Wichita to his years in the Kansas Legislature, Rep. Jim Ward has always been guided by a set of immovable convictions. He has a long tenure in public service, and anyone who has worked with him will tell you that he never backs down when he believes an important principle is at stake. 

Nobody has been a stronger advocate for working Kansans than Jim. He was the first to introduce a bill that would have expanded Medicaid to 150,000 Kansans who need health coverage, and he has been a tireless champion of the cause ever since. He led the effort to secure long-overdue raises for state workers. He knows every Kansan deserves a fair wage, which is one of the many reasons he has long been a staunch supporter of Kansas’ unions. And he understands that a strong public education system is the best engine of economic success for the state.

The oldest of five siblings, Jim’s parents taught him that service to others mattered most. He put himself through law school, started his own law practice, and was a prosecutor for Sedgwick County. He worked to improve Kansas’ schools while serving on the Wichita school board and then served on the Wichita City Council. Today he serves in the Kansas House and is running for election to the Kansas Senate. 

He’s committed to moving Kansas forward for the benefit of his grown children, Emily and Zach, and all Kansas families.