Joel O’Dorisio

Ohio State Senate District 2

2020 Race Update: Joel lost 37.80% to 62.20%

Joel O’Dorisio grew up in Columbus, Ohio where he benefited from a strong public education. He continued his education at The Ohio State University. He currently lives with his wife of 20 years, Mary, and their two children in Bowling Green, Ohio. As a father, he has always stressed the importance of public service and standing up for others. He is an educator, entrepreneur, dedicated father, and labor advocate.

First as a business owner and now as a teaching professor, Joel has approached all of his endeavors with passion and professionalism. When he first arrived at BGSU he saw the need for a united voice for educators and in 2010, he participated in the card campaign to form the BGSU chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP). Since then, he has served on the executive committee and most notably served on the negotiating team for every contract, advocating for higher wages and competitive benefits for the hardworking faculty at BGSU. 

Whether it was through his work as a small business owner or through his work with the AAUP, Joel has spent his life crafting a better future for his community. He believes that the government should advocate for the public good. He will advocate for reinvesting in public schools that will afford our children the same opportunities that he received growing up in Ohio. He will fight for a vibrant working class and the idea that there is dignity in work.