Julia Pulver

Michigan State House District 39

2020 Race Update: Julia lost 46.52% to 51.91%

Julia Pulver has been a leader in the field of health care, patient advocacy, and public health for over a decade.

She understands the multitude of challenges and competing priorities that need to be addressed when taking peoples’ lives and interests into her hands. Her experience as a nurse, from bedside to boardroom, a mom, and an organizer has taught her not only how to multitask and prioritize, but also how to negotiate and coordinate with multiple interested parties and how to bring people together for the sake of getting things done.

She is the proud mother of four children: Nora (12), Sadie, (11), Avery (10), and Alice (7). Her children attend West Bloomfield Public Schools and participate in local sports teams. Her husband of 14 years, Ben Pulver, is a personal chef who runs his own small business. 

Julia has run for office and moved the needle significantly in this “red” area before: first for Oakland County Commission in 2016, and then State Senate in 2018. She moved both of those previously considered “Why Even Bother” districts into the top seats to flip by talking to voters about the things that matter to them in their everyday lives. She knows that issues such as getting the health care you need when you need it, having clean lakes and rivers so we can all enjoy the lake community, and fighting for better wages and job protections matters to every single person in the 39th District.