Arizona is one of the best opportunities Democrats have to flip a legislative chamber blue in 2022. A (mostly) fair redistricting process has given Democrats a clear roadmap to build legislative majorities in both chambers. Thanks to the progress Democrats have made since 2016, they only need to flip two seats in the State Senate and two seats in the State House to win majorities. In 2022, EveryDistrict has endorsed a slate of candidates to flip the State Senate and ensure Democrats hold onto the seats they currently have in the State House. Learn more about our strategy and how you can get involved below.

State Senate:

Need to flip: 2

State House:

Need to flip: 2

District Rankings

The Arizona legislature has 30 legislative districts. There is one Senator and two State Representatives elected in each district.

In the State Senate, Democrats need to hold 12 Likely Democratic districts and win four of five Battleground districts for the majority (three wins would tie the chamber). EveryDistrict has endorsed four Senate candidates in Battleground districts.

In the State House, Democrats need to hold the 24 seats in the Likely Democratic districts and win seven Battleground seats for the majority (six wins would tie the chamber). Democrats in Arizona are pursuing a single-shot strategy in most of the Battleground House districts, meaning only one Democratic candidate is running for the two seats. EveryDistrict has endorsed five House candidates in Battleground districts.

Click here for EveryDistrict’s deep dive on Arizona’s new districts; click here for EveryDistrict’s rankings for each district.

State Senate
State House

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2022 Candidates

Click on any of EveryDistrict's endorsed candidates below to learn what motivated them to run and how they'll make a difference for their community in the legislature.

Jeanne Casteen Headshot

Jeanne Casteen

AZ State Senate District 2

Christine Marsh Headshot

Christine Marsh

AZ State Senate District 4

Eva Burch Headshot

Eva Burch

AZ State Senate District 9

Cindy Hans Headshot

Cindy Hans

AZ State Senate District 13

Judy Schwiebert Headshot

Judy Schwiebert

AZ State House District 2

Laura Terech Headshot

Laura Terech

AZ State House District 4

Lorena Austin Headshot

Lorena Austin

AZ State House District 9

Seth Blattman Headshot

Seth Blattman

AZ State House District 9

Jennifer Pawlik Headshot

Jennifer Pawlik

AZ State House District 13

EveryDistrict in Arizona

After the 2016 election, Republicans controlled the Arizona State Senate 17-13. After the 2018 election, there was no change to the partisan composition of the chamber. In 2020, Democrats flipped one seat; control of the chamber is now 16-14. EveryDistrict endorsed successful Democratic challenger Christine Marsh (SD 28).

After the 2016 election, Republicans controlled the Arizona State House 35-25. In the 2018 election, Democrats gained four seats; Republicans maintained control 31-29. EveryDistrict endorsed successful Democratic challenger Jennifer Jermaine (HD 18). Democrats also flipped the following three districts: HD 10, HD 17, and HD 28.

In 2020, Democrats flipped one seat (HD 20) and lost one seat (HD 4) for no net gain. EveryDistrict endorsed Judy Schwiebert who flipped one of the seats in HD 20.