Michigan is one of the best opportunities Democrats have to flip both chambers of the legislature blue in 2022. The new Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (MICRC) turned the state from one of the most gerrymandered to a level playing field. Thanks to the progress Democrats have made since 2016, they only need to flip four seats in the State Senate and three seats in the State House to win majorities. In 2022, EveryDistrict has endorsed a slate of candidates in must-win districts to build majorities in both chambers. Learn more about our strategy and how you can get involved below.

State Senate:

Need to flip: 4

State House:

Need to flip: 3

District Rankings

Democrats currently hold 16 Senate seats. To get the 20 seats they need for a majority, Democrats need to hold the 13 Likely Democratic districts and the three Lean Democratic districts and win four of seven Battleground districts.

EveryDistrict has endorsed two candidates in Lean Democratic districts and five candidates in Battleground districts.

Democrats currently hold 53 House seats. To get the 56 seats they need for a majority, Democrats need to hold the 40 Likely Democratic districts and the two Lean Democratic districts and win 14 of 23 Battleground districts.

EveryDistrict has endorsed seven challengers in Battleground districts.

Click here for EveryDistrict’s deep dive on Michigan’s new districts; click here for EveryDistrict’s rankings for each district.

State Senate
State House

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2022 Candidates

Click on any of EveryDistrict's endorsed candidates below to learn what motivated them to run and how they'll make a difference for their community in the legislature.

Darrin Camilleri Headshot

Darrin Camilleri

MI State Senate District 4

Padma Kuppa Headshot

Padma Kuppa

MI State Senate District 9

Veronica Klinefelt Headshot

Veronica Klinefelt

MI State Senate District 11

Kevin Hertel Headshot

Kevin Hertel

MI State Senate District 12

Rosemary Bayer Headshot

Rosemary Bayer

MI State Senate District 13

Sue Shink Headshot

Sue Shink

MI State Senate District 14

Kristen McDonald Rivet Headshot

Kristen McDonald Rivet

MI State Senate District 35

Jaime Churches Headshot

Jaime Churches

MI State House District 27

Robert Kull Headshot

Robert Kull

MI State House District 28

Reggie Miller Headshot

Reggie Miller

MI State House District 31

Joey Andrews Headshot

Joey Andrews

MI State House District 38

Jennifer Conlin Headshot

Jennifer Conlin

MI State House District 48

Patricia Bernard Headshot

Patricia Bernard

MI State House District 55

John Fitzgerald Headshot

John Fitzgerald

MI State House District 83

EveryDistrict in Michigan

After the 2016 election, Republicans controlled the Michigan State Senate 27-11. In the 2018 election, Democrats flipped five seats, cutting the Republican majority to 22-16.

EveryDistrict endorsed four of the five successful Democratic challengers: Rosemary Bayer (SD 12), Mallory McMorrow (SD 13), Sean McCann (SD 20), and Winnie Brinks (SD 29). Democrats also flipped SD 7.

After the 2016 election, Republicans controlled the Michigan State House 63-47. In the 2018 election, Democrats picked up six seats, and lost one, to cut the Republican majority to 58-52.

EveryDistrict endorsed three of the six successful Democratic challengers: Matt Koleszar (HD 20), Mari Manoogian (HD 40), and Angela Witwer (HD 71). Democrats also won HD 62, HD 19, and HD 41. Democrats lost HD 110.

In 2020, Democrats flipped two seats (HDs 38 and 61) and lost two seats (HDs 48 and 96) for no net gain. EveryDistrict endorsed both successful Democratic challengers, Kelly Breen and Christine Morse.