Democrats have made significant gains in both chambers of the Pennsylvania legislature since 2016. Under the new, fair maps, Democrats have a clear path in both chambers to a Democratic majority. Half of the Pennsylvania State Senate is on the ballot every year. In 2022, Democrats need to protect vulnerable incumbents and flip seats to build toward winning a majority in 2024. In the State House, Democrats have a wide number of Battleground seats to compete in for the majority.

State Senate:

Need to flip: 5

State House:

Need to flip: 12

District Rankings

Democrats currently hold 21 Senate seats. To win a majority, they need to hold the 18 Likely Democratic seats, the three Lean Democratic seats (all of which are on the ballot this year), and flip five of seven Battleground seats.

Four Battleground seats are on the ballot this year. EveryDistrict has endorsed one candidate in a Battleground Senate seat.

Democrats currently hold 90 House seats. To win a majority, they need to hold the 80 Likely Democratic seats, 11 Lean Democratic seats, and flip 11 of 12 Battleground districts.

EveryDistrict has endorsed 12 candidates in Battleground House seats.

Click here for EveryDistrict’s deep dive on Pennsylvania’s new districts; click here for EveryDistrict’s rankings for each district.

State Senate
State House

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2022 Candidates

Click on any of EveryDistrict's endorsed candidates below to learn what motivated them to run and how they'll make a difference for their community in the legislature.

Ann Marie Mitchell Headshot

Ann Marie Mitchell

PA State Senate District 6

Paul Friel Headshot

Paul Friel

PA State House District 26

Tim Brennan Headshot

Tim Brennan

PA State House District 29

Arvind Venkat Headshot

Arvind Venkat

PA State House District 30

Mandy Steele Headshot

Mandy Steele

PA State House District 33

Paul Takac Headshot

Paul Takac

PA State House District 82

Sara Agerton Headshot

Sara Agerton

PA State House District 88

Mark Moffa Headshot

Mark Moffa

PA State House District 142

Gwen Stoltz Headshot

Gwen Stoltz

PA State House District 143

Brian Munroe Headshot

Brian Munroe

PA State House District 144

Melissa Cerrato Headshot

Melissa Cerrato

PA State House District 151

Cathy Spahr Headshot

Cathy Spahr

PA State House District 160

Lisa Borowski Headshot

Lisa Borowski

PA State House District 168

EveryDistrict in Pennsylvania

After the 2016 election, Republicans controlled the Pennsylvania State Senate 34-16. In the 2018 election, Democrats flipped five seats: SDs 10, 12, 26, 38, and 44.

EveryDistrict endorsed Pam Iovino for the special election for Pennsylvania State Senate District 37 on April 2, 2019; Iovino’s successful campaign left control of the chamber at 28-22.

In November 2019, Senator John Yudichak switched his party affiliation from Democrat to Independent and caucused with the Republicans, giving the GOP an effective 29-21 majority.

In 2020, Democrats flipped one seat and lost one seat for no net gain. EveryDistrict endorsed successful challenger John Kane (SD 9); Democrats lost SD 37.

After the 2016 election, Republicans controlled the Pennsylvania State House 121-82. In 2018, Democrats flipped 14 Republican-held seats and lost three Democratic-held seats for a net gain of 11 seats, cutting the GOP majority to 110-93.

EveryDistrict endorsed nine successful Democratic challengers: Steve Malagari (HD 53), Liz Hanbidge (HD 61), Joe Ciresi (HD 146), Joseph Webster (HD 150), Danielle Otten (HD 155), Melissa Shusterman (HD 157), Christina Sappey (HD 158), Mike Zabel (HD 163), and Jennifer O’Mara (HD 165). Democrats also flipped HD 74, HD 143, HD 162, and HD 167. Democrats lost HD 48, HD 71, HD 76, and HD 178.

In 2020, Democrats flipped one seat and lost four seats for a net loss of three seats; leaving the GOP with a 113-90 majority. EveryDistrict endorsed successful challenger Nancy Guenst (HD 152). Democrats lost HDs 33, 55, 123, and 143.