Nevada has a mixed record on voting rights, with some good commitments to early voting, absentee voting, and online voter registration. In 2019, Nevada made important progress by enacting same-day registration and and extending the early voting period.

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Automatic Voter Registration- Automatic voter registration was approved by voters in November 2018. Like many other states, AVR in Nevada is only conducted through the Department of Motor Vehicles.
RECOMMENDATION: Following the implementation of AVR, expand the program to a broad set of state agencies.

Online Voter Registration- Nevada offers online voter registration up to 19 days before Election Day.

Same-Day Registration- AB 137, which would implement same-day registration in Nevada, was passed during the 2019 legislative session.


Voter ID Requirement- Nevada does not require Voter ID at the polls. However, in the absence of an identification requirement, a signature match is conducted between the voter file or the signature on another government-issued ID and a voter’s signature on Election Day.

Early Voting- Early voting is provided in Nevada from the third Saturday before Election Day to the Friday before Election Day. AB 137, enacted into law during the 2019 legislative session, extends the early voting period for populous counties to the Monday before election day and requires Sunday hours.

No Excuse Absentee- Nevada allows voters to vote absentee without providing an excuse.

Mail-In Voting- Mail-in voting is permitted in the context of absentee voting.
RECOMMENDATION: Move Nevada toward a mail-in vote state in line with practices in California, Oregon, and Washington.


Felon Re-Enfranchisement- Nevada has a complex, but evolving, approach to felon re-enfranchisement. Voting rights are automatically restored to people completing sentences for most first-time felony convictions. With Governor Sandoval’s signing of Assembly Bill 181, beginning in 2019, Nevadans who were dishonorably discharged from probation or parole will still receive their rights restored. Additionally, returning citizens who were convicted of “Category B” felonies that resulted in substantial bodily harm to the victim will have their rights restored after a two-year waiting period. These measures enfranchise more people but retain a complicated system in Nevada.
RECOMMENDATION: Simplify and standardize the approach to re-enfranchisement in Nevada.

Voter Bill of Rights- Nevada has a clearly published voter bill of rights.

Polling Hours- Polls are open from 7 am – 7 pm on Election Day, for a total of 12 hours of voting time.
RECOMMENDATION: Expand voting time to 14 hours consistent with leading states.

Wait Time Service Standard- Like other states, Nevada does not have a wait time service standard. While Nevada has substantial early voting, improving the Election Day experience is still vital.
RECOMMENDATION: Implement and monitor a wait time service standard for polling places in Nevada.

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