Oregon has one of the strongest commitments to voting rights in the country, with a leading automatic voter registration program and a mail-in electoral process.

EveryDistrict Action Fund is not currently tracking any pro-voting legislation in Oregon. Contact your legislator using the FIND MY LEGISLATOR button below and encourage them to introduce legislation that would implement one of EveryDistrict Action Fund’s recommendations for Oregon.



Automatic Voter Registration- Oregon was the first state in the nation to pass Automatic Voter Registration. This AVR is different from those in other states in that residents eligible to register found in the Department of Motor Vehicles database are contacted by the agency and told they will be registered unless they return a card declining registration.
RECOMMENDATION: While this AVR is one of the most comprehensive in the country, the use of the DMV database still fails to include all potential voters who do not engage with the DMV. Oregon should investigate applying this program to other state agencies.

Online Voter Registration- Online voter registration is available for all voters. Voters may pre-register to vote beginning at 16 years old.

Same-Day Registration- No same-day registration is available. The registration deadline is 21 days before the election.
RECOMMENDATION: Oregon should implement same-day registration at municipal clerk’s offices where Election Day voting can take place.


Voter ID Requirement- Voter ID is required at registration; the voter must present a driver’s license or other state ID. No voter ID is required to vote by mail.
RECOMMENDATION: Oregon should expand the forms of identification that can be used to register to vote as part of the mail-in voting process.

Early Voting- As elections are fully conducted by mail, early voting is not required. Voters may vote in-person on Election Day at the local municipal clerk’s office during polling hours.

No Excuse Absentee- Elections are fully conducted by mail and all voters are eligible to vote by mail. All voters are therefore eligible to vote absentee without excuses.

Mail-In Voting- Elections are fully conducted by mail.


Felon Re-Enfranchisement- The right to vote is immediately restored upon the completion of a sentence. The returning citizen is required to re-register.

Voter Bill of Rights- There is a clear voter bill of rights provided.

Polling Hours- Polls are open from 7 am to 8 pm, providing 13 hours of voting time on Election Day.
RECOMMENDATION: Extend voting hours to 14 hours, consistent with leading states.

Wait Time Service Standard- Like other states, Oregon does not have a wait time service standard. However, since elections are conducted by mail, waiting times at the polls are not an obstacle to voter engagement as in other states.



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