Vermont demonstrates a strong commitment to voting rights on nearly every category that the Scorecard considers. Some improvements could still be made to the accessibility of the voter bill of rights and polling hours.

EveryDistrict Action Fund is not currently tracking any pro-voting legislation in Vermont. Contact your legislator using the FIND MY LEGISLATOR button below and encourage them to introduce legislation that would implement one of EveryDistrict Action Fund’s recommendations for Vermont.



Automatic Voter Registration- Vermont has implemented automatic voter registration through the Department of Motor Vehicles. While AVR is only through the DMV, Vermont has achieved an incredible 92.5% registration rate thanks in large part to the initiative.
RECOMMENDATION: Expand AVR to a broad set of state agencies.

Online Voter Registration- Vermont offers online voter registration.

Same-Day Registration- Vermont offers same-day registration. Voters must provide proof of residence to register on Election Day.


Voter ID Requirement- No Voter ID is required in Vermont. First-time voters who register by mail must provide identification. Valid forms of identification include a driver’s license, passport, utility bill, bank statement, or other government document.

Early Voting- Early voting is provided in Vermont beginning 45 days before Election Day and ending the day before Election Day.

No Excuse Absentee- No excuse is required to vote absentee in Vermont.

Mail-In Voting- Mail-in voting is only permitted in the context of absentee voting.
RECOMMENDATION: Move Vermont toward a mail-in vote state in line with practices in California, Oregon, and Washington.


Felon Re-Enfranchisement- Convicted felons always retain their right to vote. Only Vermont and Maine retain convicted felons’ voting rights even when incarcerated.

Voter Bill of Rights- Vermont has a voter bill of rights, but it is not very accessible and provided only as a resource at the bottom of a voter information page.
RECOMMENDATION: Make the voter bill of rights more clearly visible on appropriate websites and provide directly to voters.

Polling Hours- Polling places are open at least from 10 am – 7 pm for a total of 9 hours of voting time. Some polling places are open longer hours.
RECOMMENDATION: Expand voting hours to 14 hours to match leading states.

Wait Time Service Standard- Like other states, Vermont does not have a wait time service standard. While Vermont has substantial early voting, improving the Election Day experience is still vital.
RECOMMENDATION: Implement and monitor a wait time service standard for polling places in Vermont.

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